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Welcome to our new ministry site! Well, the same web address http://solmi.org. It was many years ago that I updated this web-site. And I used Mac-based software to do that. But, in time Apple abolished it and my MacBook Pro died as well. But, some other events were in this mix as well. In 2015 my wife Svetlana, who was a vital part of this ministry, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. And she passed to Heaven in January 2020. So, for 5 years of her fight with cancer, she was my primary focus. And I can’t say enough how precious wife, mother and a servant of Almighty she was! She gave me 2 wonderful children, Benjamin and Rebekah. But, after I was left alone with 2 children, I had to learn how to be a single father to them. So, the next 2 years passed without me even touching this site, while I still continued doing my ministry (I’ll write about it in detail in one of my future posts). Finally, when Russia invaded Ukraine and people in my Motherland began to suffer greatly, I felt like I should do something more, than just caring for my kids and occasionally going out to minister. While I’m still recovering from the grief of losing my beloved Svetlana, I realize that now so many Ukrainian people are losing or are in a danger of losing their lives or their loved ones. I felt like I’m not too old and not to busy to do something more. And so I saved my old website for offline reference and started this new one from scratch on a WordPress platform.

I hope that you will like to visit it often. I invite you to partner with this ministry. Currently, any donations you’ll send to us will be used in following areas:

  • Ukraine, people who decided to stay in the country;
  • Ukrainian refugees, who fled to the neighboring countries of Poland, Hungary, etc.
  • Ministry related gas expenses. This extreme gas price hike forces me to ask for your help.

Blessings to you from Above!

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