April – May 2023 Ukraine Mission

So, as I am writing this, my mission is under way with the Ukrainian frontlines as my destination in military Chaplain’s role.

I flew from Miami, FL to Cologne (Köln) Germany, where my friend Rabbi Rodion met me at the airport. He and his wife Tatyana are hosting me for a few days until the transportation arrangements are made for me to move further. We’re waiting for the vehicle registration and insurance offices to open on Tuesday, April 11 (all are closed for an extra day due to Jesus’ Resurrection celebrations). There is a vehicle already purchased for me to use, but my name needs to be added to the documents so I could drive it to other countries including to Ukraine as my final destination.

While it is great to have this time with friends which I can use to adjust to the European time, climate and simply to rest, I didn’t just relax here but also took part in a spiritual life here in Germany which involves many Ukrainian war refugees as well as God-loving, compassionate Germans. I participated in Passover outreach in Lüdenscheid, a city in the Märkischer Kreis district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in the Sauerland region. After an open-air music and presentation we continued at a service in a special place which was founded by an ex-hippy (if you remember, I was one like that too). I had a chance to blow the shofar and sing there and people prayed for my Ukrainian mission.

blowing shofar in Lüdenscheid
Musicians and dancers
Theatrical dance group from Cologne (Köln) congregation was super as was their music team too!
Germans, Ukrainians and Jews serving G-d together

In just a few days I will cross the Ukrainian border and will join the ranks of Ukrainian military Chaplains, delivering physical and spiritual help to AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) frontline fighters. For that purpose I have a large quantity of C.A.T. tourniquets and other combat emergency supplies that will save people’s lives. And the Word of God spoken with love from the depth of my heart will bring salvation to their souls.

I plan to purchase more supplies while here in Germany and if I’ll get more help I could also buy some things while in Poland.

My friend in Ukraine, who is also a decorated military Chaplain, asked me if I could help with the purchase of an off-road vehicle for his other friend who is an active duty staff military Chaplain in the rank of Major. Without your help I cannot do it.

Please, prayerfully join me in this critical service of saving people’s lives and in helping those who are carrying God’s mission on the battlefield, Ukrainian Chaplains.

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