All About Us


Alexei Basarab is the founder & President of Stream Of Life Ministries International. He grew up in a family of believers in Soviet Union and went through many persecutions for his faith and for his desire to be free from the bondage of socialism. In 1987 he fully committed his life to Yeshua as His Lord and Redeemer. He soon received a calling to preach and to praise God both in singing and on instruments.

In 1987, Alexei saw in a vision a cloud of glory descending on a large stage with the sound of music. This cloud of God's glory went down from the stage touching multitude of people who were gathered, giving salvation, healing and deliverance. And many were singing in the spirit as the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) filled them. And the Lord spoke to Alexei to carry the power of Good News in music to the needy people.

After receiving the Word from God Alexei took his guitar and Bible and began to minister amongst hippies, drug users, metal rock fans, traveling around the Soviet Union, calling different nations to salvation through live performances on streets and squares and in informal circles.

In his period of discipleship and preparation to the ministry of Evangelist - Psalmist Alexei has ministered as traveling Evangelist, worship leader and pastor (till 1998). During that period the Lord many times confirmed His calling to Alexei.

During his services in Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Israel, USA (more than 10 states) and other countries many people were saved, delivered, healed and their lives were transformed by Ruach Ha Kodesh. Alexei has also produced five musical albums: “In The Stream Of Life” (1993, in English and Russian), “The Look From The Cross” (1996, Russian), “Sh’ma Yisrael” (2000, Hebrew), Star Of My Life (2003, Russian/Ukrainian) and Wings Of The Dawn (2003, Instrumental).

Also in 2003 Alexei published his first poetry book in Russian “My Poetry, My Element”.

Alexei Basarab has many new projects: publishing of his book “Great Mystery”, recording new albums including one international (Alexei’s songs in 7 languages).

After Alexei found his Jewish roots, God used him actively among Jews and Messianic congregations (Ukraine, Hungary, France, USA, Belgium, Israel)

In April 2004 Alexei married his sweetheart Svetlana. They  have two children: Benjamin and Rebekah.

In September-October 2010 and in August-September of 2012 Alexei visited Ukraine including his hometown Zaporozhye (in Ukrainian - Zaporizhzhya), where he was able to help orphanages and shelter for disabled. During the first trip the vision of charitable branches of SOLMI was born and it keeps expanding further through the years ahead.

In 2014 people of the Ukraine encountered heavy aggression from Russia, who have sent their agents into Ukraine and stirred many unrests, especially in Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine which led to the continuing war. Thousands of people from these regions flooded into Zaporozhye (neighboring region), seeking refuge, shelter, food, work. They were only able to leave without and possessions in their hands. And now they need everything: clothes, food, personal hygiene and childcare items (soap, tooth paste and brushes, diapers, baby food, etc.) As the ministry directly involved in Ukraine, we couldn’t stand aside and now fully involved in supporting refugees in Zaporozhye city, where our partners organized Refugee Support Ministry.

We will appreciate any kind of your involvement in this work of God’s love, as along with receiving necessary things, these people also receive God’s Word and prayer in this extremely hard time of their lives.

After being members of Beit Yisrael Messianic congregation in Orlando, Florida for 10 years since 2004, joining it soon after their marriage, Alexei & Svetlana moved with their kids to Florida’s NW, close to Alabama border, where they joined and currently are leading worship in Grafted In Fellowship in Dothan, AL, while also continuing work of this ministry.




Wife of Alexei Basarab, Svetlana is SOLMI Board member, working hard not only to take care of her family, but many others in need, busy packing huge boxes with clothes, shoes, walkers, etc that will be shipped to the Ukraine and distributed to help orphans, disabled and others in need.


Mister Randy, as kids love to call him, is SOLMI’s Board Director from Northern California. He and his wife Mary Jane are dedicated servants of the Lord who are working tirelessly, using their time and money, to bring God’s love to someone either far or near.